Cycling Cap


The late 1800s. That's when it started. Wear something to add protection from the harsh elements. Some sort of headwear was needed, so the rudimentary flat cap was the obvious choice as opposed to the traditonal top hats of the time.


(Baseball cap lovers, you may want to follow along here.)


Although the initial felt caps were made of tweed, the style was moving in the right direction. Eventually things settled on the design adopted today. Usually made of cotton to keep the sweat from dripping in your eyes, and easy enough to shield out the sun or rain without having to crank your head back & when the sun peaks through, it’s easy to simply flip the brim up.



WHY the PINK ? The maglia rosa stems from the pages of the sports newspaper that founded the race, La Gazzetta dello Sport, are pink. The first maglia rosa was won by the Italian racer Francesco Camusso. Vittore Gianni was the master tailor of the first pink jerseys who founded a business in Milan in 1896.


There’s only a few ways they should ever be worn & a bicycle if not under you, must be within arms reach to be wearing this.

  • Inverted flip
  • Keep it straight
  • Cap luft
  • The reverse



  • Machine washable
  • Durable tested cotton blend
  • Moisture wicking, anti-bacterial band
  • Soft, comfortable & flexible bill stabilizer

Rosa Cycling Cap

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  • Cycling caps are designed with as much function as they are style. Have you ever felt the sun on your face or the rain in your eyes?? Maybe it's the seat dripping down onto your glasses? ALL of those scenarios are designed to be solved by this cap. 

    You are already wearing skin tight, possibly semi transparent fabric vaccummed against your body. If you think a 'cycling cap' is gonna make you look funny, haha well you'll have to consult with your closest mirror.