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There once was a time when a person's reputation was influenced by how they held themselves, what they did & how they acted.

A person didn’t have a lot of money & worked hard for it, so they were careful about how to spend it.


They always would search for products with the best value.


Value not strictly being price, or nowadays, convenience. 

Value was associated with products that could endure, be mended & live on for more than a generation.


When marketing was simpler & people purchased on reputation.


That’s the world that we believe makes for a better society. That’s why we do what we do.


"Learn from the past to design the future."

If you love to travel & have spent time around the globe, you can appreciate the differences amongst cultures.


We love to immerse ourselves in them, take part as we learn from each one of them & to do so in a respectful manner.


Attire is an important part of this.

We continually strive to create quality, timeless pieces recognized as such around the world. 


 This is the little gap that we aim to fill. Where adventure blends into après & slowly back again. Where the gradients between the two worlds are fused seamlessly & happiness is eternal in this realm.


We appreciate the time you’ve taken to understand us a bit more, knowing that time itself is the most valuable commodity that exists.


Life is often enjoyed at a higher level with less in it. This applies to travelling as well.


Our question to you is...

How can you enjoy the culture,

without bringing your entire wardrobe with you?

"Thank you for supporting the Spandex Panda Collection. This was created to enhance the enjoyment of understanding the world."


Bicycles are our preferred tool for adventure, exploration & entertainment. No matter which continent you visit, you’ll be able to find one. With an Italian culture that is steeped rich in cycling history & known worldwide for quality products, it is the reason that our collection is made here. Merino is a material that has been around for a long time. It’s the perfect choice as a sustainable & natural material to use that provides so many beneficial properties for a cyclist that wants to explore the cultures of our globe.


Our goal is to learn from the past, make improvements & continue to learn how to make the best products that we can for the collection.

- Curtis Litun, Founder

"Cycling has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember."

As a little boy, it was a tool for movement & getting around the driveway. As I grew older, it became a tool for exploration, a way for me to explore beyond my street & neighborhood. Now, the bike has become a tool for adventure & exploring my world.


For me, a bike is a bike, it's still just a tool; but clothing, that is a bit different. The Spandex Panda Collection was born out of that difference. Classic, functional, stylish & reliable, our Merino wool based garments pull double duty on the bike & off, allowing you to seamlessly go between all forms of adventure.


Thank you for supporting the Spandex Panda Collection."

-Mike Lee, Partner

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