$100 Spandex Panda Collection Gift Card.




  • This GIFT CARD is a ‘one-time’ use. (YES, I put that in BOLD so you wouldn’t miss it)  If you have $20 & only buy $10 worth of ‘crazy amazing, super value, can’t believe I didn’t know about this sooner’ merino merchandise, the remaining amount can’t be used in the future. (WHY ? Cause we’re not that set up yet… one day in the ‘not so distant future’ there is a strong probability that we will be, but just not yet) . Buy $23 worth of the ‘best fitting, minimally branded, natural fiber based, I should probably buy 2 of them’ pieces of Italian made apparel & you’ll use up the full value of that little sparkly digital card that is sitting in your inbox. 

  • It is not valid with any other promotions or offers. Gift Cards cannot be combined into a single purchase.Seems pretty simple. I think this one has been around for about 5 decades. We can send you a google link to it if you just arrived on Earth. 

  • The world of ‘shipping’ which, funny enough, very seldom these days would actually use a ship. A bicycle, vehicle, airplane, train, or even a passenger pigeon (or modern day drone) would probably be used before a ship. Anyways, whatever you order has to get to you. If you can come & pick it up, terrific. Send me a message & we can arrange a time. Otherwise we’re going to have to send it to you. Someone’s gotta feed the cyclist?

  • If you have any questions, concerns, ground shattering uncertainties, extreme high levels of anxiety or just wanna share with us an amazing story of when you wore a piece from our ‘ultra super premium yet astonishingly affordable & I should get something for my buddy’ collection, which will probably be shared in our ‘BLOG’ section, then drop us an email. 

$100 Gift Card