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Adventure Stories

Riding bikes simply creates stories. Each adventure, no matter how well it's planned, will have some unexpected curve-balls & often a level of entertainment. That's what this section is all about. As a member of the Spandex Panda Velo Club, you live to travel, to explore, to understand by interacting & experiencing culture first hand. If we can share a bit of your adventure fashion along the way, well, that's the beauty of the Spandex Panda Collection.  You don't sit onthe side lines, you're an active participant. This is the section where we share. Where did we go, what did we expect, what did we pack, what did we eat or drink, what did we wear, who did we meet? Enjoy some of our members anecdotes & if you have one you'd like to share, we'd love to hear it. From bike packing, gravel challenges, long randonneurring style, or just travelling by bike ...... basically if it involves you & a bicycle somehow, we want to know. The good, the bad, the 'can't wait to go back' and the 'might make a different turn next time'. Maybe one day we'll be able to publish these into a little book that can be enjoyed while sipping your favourite coffee & planning out that next cycling adventure.  


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