Sticker Pack 1You too can pass on the GOOD TIMES with your very own Spandex Panda Sticker pack. Just contact ME with a mailing address and they'll be mailed out to you, no matter where in the world you are. There's only one catch.  Wherever you stick them, you need to take a photo, post it on your favourite social media site and tag SPANDEX PANDA in it. It's that easy.

Disclaimer – Spandex Panda Inc. in no way, shape or form promotes, encourages or expects the placement of SP stickers in places, which would be deemed vandalism, hooliganism or malicious mischief or wilful wanton and malicious destruction, or defacing of the property of others. Ordering of the Spandex Panda Sticker Pack removes Spandex Panda Inc. from any legal ramifications, responsibilities or recourse with regards to where the stickers are placed and any consequences of those actions thereafter.


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