TripleG’s 2020 Bike Adventures

Created by Gregg Ambrosi

Part 1 - A Bit Too Early

I thought I’d do a quick write up of my gravel adventures from last summer. It all started with me feeling restless in May. I quickly co-opted my crazy adventure buddy Diela into joining me. The plan; Vancouver to Penticton ‘the back way’!

So, first attempt didn’t go quite as planned.

East Van to Hope: There is not really a great gravel route that lets you cover this distance in one day. So, I opted for the Skytrain to Coquitlam & then to ride mainly roads from there. Its a gorgeous ride, even with it raining the entire time. Luckily it wasn’t too cold (12-16 degrees). Diella met me somewhere in Mission & we road into Hope happy & soggy. Hope just doesn’t have great hotel options but the Swiss Motel was perfect, definitely quaint.