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Adventures ~ with style & in comfort

I was introduced to the Spandex Panda line a few years back when I met Curtis in Mexico. I’ve always enjoyed longer days in the saddle, and I find the Spandex Panda Collection delivers exceptionally. I've really gotten into cycling in the last 5 years as a way to unwind, clear the mind, breath the fresh air & enjoy some amazing places. From riding in temperatures of mid 30c to -30c, the merino wool does its job well. Living in Canada I encounter all types of weather to ride in. The spring & fall can still be chilly (around 0 Celsius) in the mountains & even in the summer when you get to a little elevation, the temperature does change. I love being able to go to Mexico in the winters, ride there & not have to worry about what to bring for a kit. I like the clean, classic look. I love how the merino performs, both wicking away moisture & keeping you warm.

My last adventure was riding a bucket lister for me from Jasper to Lake Louise, a 230 something km adventure & these longer rides never disappoint! The SP brand held up to its billing, keeping  warm & looking stylish along the way ! As the days of summer wind down , I’m hoping for a few more adventures.....

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