SPVC 80 Merino Jersey


Keeping the Peloton classy...



A tribute to the original sublimation onto cycling jerseys. Using Italian Merino blended fabrics & Italian manufacturing adds a level of style to any peloton you ride in. The classic 'lanolin' oils of merino minimize common pungent bacterias that commonly plague your riding kits, making this the ideal jersey for multi-day events. 


Heading out & not sure about the weather? This jersey ensures that you will be ready no matter what the condition.


'Recently tested in a very wet & cold Gran Fondo which was scattered with hypothermia & crashes, this jersey paired with the Primo Strato top delayed the lowering of our core temperature & allowed us to be dried off faster than anyone we rode with. The versatility was second to none' - Whistler 2017 Gran Fondo SPVC Rider


A clean design shows that you focus on QUALITY over seasonal trendiness.


      Smile, take your pull, stop for an espresso & join the Spandex Panda Velo Club 




  • Premium Italian Merino, Polymide & Polyester blended fabrics
  • Handmade in ITALY
  • Full Zipper w/ locking feature 
  • 'Rider' cut in the front to minimize jersey bulging
  • Ample pocket space 
  • the desire to be photographed by others


Designed as a history highlight, to the era when ‘sublimation’ became the future. Yes, the kits that professional teams wore before this time had knitted names & maybe a patch or badge sewn on. Now adays, whatever your adobe program can create for a graphic, can be easily transferred to the backs of riders. 

We’ve stayed with the classic ‘Bianco & Nero’ theme to remain an easy target for the social, entertainers of the ride. Or maybe the identifiable that would help someone with a flat. Reagrdless, the black & white will always be our colours depicting the quality, detail & style that our inspired Italian culture provides. 

SPVC 80 Jersey






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