The Perfect Top


Designed for Adventure ... chilly ride & forgot your arm warmers?


Looking to head out for a dinner with the team & not a fan of the buttoned shirts?


This Italian made, Merino blended top is the perfect complement to any collection. Dress it up for the casual side, make it functional for the sporty ride.


Let the natural temperature control help you stay at the right temperature.


Natural anti-bacterial properties allow this top to be worn multiple times before washing, both saving the environment & the time you need to be around the spin cycle.



  • Flatlock stitching
  • Crew neck design
  • Minimalistic woven fold-over label



Primo Strato LS [merino base layer]

  • What’s the difference you might wonder ? Honestly it’s just the sleeve length. WHY ? Well we had some requests for riders that were enjoying the outdoors as the months started to cool off & wanted to minimize pieces like arm warmers. 

    Plus it gave us an option to style it up a bit making this a ‘must have’ top.  Pair it with jeans or trousers for those local cultural encounters or that next train ride. Throw the Knitted Après sweater (link to product) on top & you’ll be into 95% of the dress code locations you need to be. 

    The Primo Strato's are thin layered tops. If you have a sharp nail or pull hard on it, there is a possibility that you could actually put your thumb or finger through. It hasn't happened yet, but I'm not wanting anyone to try to be the first.