Style Points..... 10/10



Although the world of cycling is commonly clad with aero-fast spandex & carbon fiber, there are still those that ride with a bit of 'style'. That's what the Après Sweater was designed for, adding a bit of style on or off the bike.



This is how cyclists before the 90's showed up to race. If YOU focus on your appearance before & after the ride as much as actually on the bike than this is the piece that you're looking for. Act like a professional, ride like a professional, look like a professional.



It's great as a part of your warm-up before you get ready to hit the road & take on the challenges of the day. When you hop off the bike & need to get to a post ride event, keep your 'Primo Strato' on, add this sweater & sit down to as many courses as you need after that ride. The question is does your 'post ride' apparel suit that of a few sips of a negroni?​




  • 100% Extra Fine Italian Merino Yarn
  • Handmade in Italy
  • Full length zipper
  • Hidden rear zipper pocket
  • Form fitting cuffs & neckline



The Classic Après Sweater is now accompanied by a Spandex Panda lightweight musette, folds away easily into the hidden zipper pocket. You'll now have something to keep all the additional treasures from your days adventures that won't fit in that back pocket.


Knitted Après Sweater