Bidon 1 

Usually you take 2 per ride. Water, electrolytes or any other ‘must-have’ liquid energy you might require.


Just like the ones that Bora-Hansgrohe, Deceuninck-Quick-Step & Jumbo Visma used this season, these bottles are the perfect shape for both aerodynamics & ease to grab quickly. 


This bidon currently comes with a 'smile guarantee'. There's more on this below. 



  • lockable spout
  • 500cc
  • classic screw on cap
  • the unique triangular shape of the cap provides extra grip
  • easy to squeeze material
  • ergonomic design
  • BPA Free (#5 Polypropylene)



Bidon 1

SKU: 130
  • Fluid to a cyclist is as important as air in their tyres, so their drink must travel with them. The first Tour de France riders used leather satchels, which they strapped to their handlebars; these carried drinks in glass bottles. Just after World War I, bidons appeared. Bidon is a French word derived from the Old Norse ‘bida’ meaning container or vessel. (An easier international pronounciation than botiglia.) The first bidons were made from aluminium & had cork stoppers. (You may see these being added to the collection in the near future) They were roughly the same shape & size as modern bidons & two were carried side by side, in aluminium handlebar-mounted cages. During the '60s, they switched from handlebar cages in favour of carrying one bottle on the down tube. The seat tube cage was added later when the importance of good hydration was better understood.

    The 500ml size is choosen for fit on any sort of bicycle. The larger bottles can become cumbersome on certain frame shapes & also begin to weigh down your bike.

    Please WASH the bottle before your first use. In case you forget there's a reminder stamped on the bottom of it. This gets rid of any 'plastic' smell or taste that sometimes accompanies new bottles. Plus it's just good hygiene.

    The 'smile guarantee' came about by adding a little part of our web comic onto the bottle. Now you'd have to be a pretty serious, no fun, never smile person for this bottle not to bring even an 'inner smile' to you. If you're that uptight & serious, chances are you need to spend more time riding your bike & being outdoors.