RBC Whistler Gran Fondo 2019

UCI Gran Fondo World Championship Qualifier

Year 3 so we knew a bit of what to expect. What was different this year ?? Our first ever Classic Bike Show. Thanks to Nic & Neil for having faith in the 'classics' and allowing a little more 'show & tell' to happen. The goal, when we chatted about this a few years ago, was to encourage people to ride the route, no matter what bike they have. Some of these steel, classic bikes roll as well or better than modern day bikes and they're always an artistic bonus on any ride.

Gordon from Caps & Fritz both brought some beauties of cycling history to show off. I had 4 from my collection; an Atala, a Legnano, a Bianchi & a Bottechia (yup all Italian steel ;) The conversation prior to coming out was that Simon & Jeremy from Global Cycling Network were going to be there & wanting to ride old steel. Could they qualify on one of these classics ? I had brought a few back-ups as their original contact fell through.

The Velo Spoke Expo is one of my favourite shows based on execution. They have figured out that the booths will be full if they make each participant that has registered and anyone that comes with them walk through the expo. The original number or registration is on one side and the package pick-up with the swag is on the other. Once we were set-up, now it was time to welcome the public. It's always fun at these kinda shows as you never really know who's returning, who'