RBC Whistler Gran Fondo 2018

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

Our second year with a pop-up booth, meaning more people now knew we existed & were looking for merino. I had a little better of an idea what to expect, what to prepare & how to tweak the booth (like bringing some jelly beans & having a little draw)

The ride was also going to have an added challenge this year. I had talked with Nick from the Velo Spoke Expo about it & he had watched me complete a few of the Eroica's already & wondered how this type of a category would be received in Vancouver. A few posters went out & now to see who was up for the challenge.

At the expo, a part of my display now is always some type of an Italian steel bike. This pop-up had the one that I was going to ride up to Whistler, a 1967 Legnano. It attracted some attention & sparked some conversation but most that saw it didn't think it would actually be the bike of choice for the big ride. Several of the other 'classics' riders had stopped by & we chatted about what they were on, comparing vintages & gear options. All the riders in this category received an additional swag bag from us as well.

The expo was better than the previous year & as long as we're growing in that direction, than we're going the right way. One of the highlights of the expo for sure was the introduction of (FIND THE GUys NAME) who founded Safetti. Being from Columbia, I know there are hills for sure there.....& some great coffee,it was exciting to hear about his passion for the classic bikes. He said he has a great little collection & staff can ride them in the area. It's funny what draws people together.

As the expo began to wrap up, the mindset now began to change. It was time to start thinking about powering this Legnano up to Whistler. You'll see in a previous blog post that I knew I could climb the elevation as the Alpe de Grand Blanc had been a test earlier in the season. Now it was time to stretch that elevation into double the distance & add in some Rocky Mountain weather. With everything packed up, a little Italian style pre-ride