L'Eroica - Gaiole in Chianti - 2018

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

The Most SPVC Riders to date & Emma's longest ride.

Eroica 2018

Most SPVC riders yet. Emma’s long distance.

Being my 3rd time now to the Eroica in Gaiole in Chianti, I had a little bit of knowledge as to what to expect. Having Emma return from last year was going to be a great addition as I had 4 new Canadians that had heard about this & wanted to join. I soon realized that as a group grew, we would probably not all be doing the same distances & if we did those there’d be different speeds at them.

Emma being pumped after her first one last year returned with a goal in mind. Master a longer distance….the 135. Believe it or not, this course although distance wise may be shorter than the 200km option, is is equally if not more challenging based on the terrain. Well, we’d have a challenge for sure. One thing we did differently this year…. rent a car ;) Although our accommodations option was much closer than the previous year, there was still a really great & scenic switchback to get upto it.