L'Eroica 2017

Bigger team, different perspective

This would be my second adventure on the White Roads around the Tuscan hillsides. A much different perspective as I had two mates that were new to this style of a ride. Kris Riddell I have known since our university days & it worked out that he was living in Germany at the time. He was already planning on making the trip out with his family for the weekend so having a few riding buddies wouldn’t hurt.

Kris fully committing to the STYLE of the Eroica. That moustache is fantastic

Emma Fenton & I had met in London. I explained to her a bit about Spandex Panda Collection, it’s Italian influence & how it has been focused with merino as the base material. Some of the inspiration came from events I attended like the Eroica in Gaiole in Chianti & she loved the idea. There’s no better way to understand than to immerse yourself in it, get some of the clothing & try it out for herself.

‘Well, it gets dark quickly and that ‘easy ride’ was anything but t