Eroica 2019 by Kalle Kangas

It was an early April when I saw Mike’s post about L’Eroica. This was the first taste of what was coming in the future. Mike & I had met each other once (for couple of days) in hacker house in the Bay Area but I was always amazed about the physical challenges he put himself into. Therefore, I thought that L’Eroica has to be something I need to try. I had just completed 80km cross-country skiing race in Finland with almost 0 skiing practice. Living in The Netherlands doesn’t provide the best scenery & weather to practice for cross-country skiing, but completing this “challenge”, it prompted me to take on another challenge .... L’Eroica.

End of April I went ahead & bought a bike (yes, I did not even own a bike before committing to race L’Eroica) & the journey started. Flat ground practice in the Netherlands does not really prepare you for the hills in Tuscany but I didn’t let this bother me while preparing.

Getting closer to the race in October, I was honoured to meet & learn that there was a larger group joining the trip in Italy, which ended up being called “Squadra Eroica 2019” lead by Curtis.

Race Day