Dream Bike: Part 2

Dream Bike:Part 2

Start to Build…March Break 2021: the Build Begins (a.k.a. Ravin works, I bring beer)

It is a typical Lower Mainland, BC end of winter day: low hanging corpse grey skies, a brisk wind that pushes the teeming cloud taps into a thirty degree angle deluge and I am heading to Ravin’s to begin the dream bike build. I am excited, but the weather is absolute crap. I hate the rain and even though I know soon the skies will turn to clear, and the cloudless hot summers are just around the corner, I am cold and wet by the time I pull the boxes of the parts out of the trunk and cross the quiet neighbourhood street to Ravin’s open garage door. I’ve walked maybe seventy-five feet. Soaked.

“Let me help you with that” Ravin says as he grabs at the awkward cluster of drenched cardboard from my hands. “Oh what’s this? This is heavy.” He gives one of the boxes a bounce after spying the requisite cans of local craft brewery I brought along as a humble thanks for what I predict will be a long detailed and strenuous process.

We are both in our pandemic dress code, masks in place and with creased smile lines make eye contact, bump elbows. We’ve agreed to keep the garage door open to encourage lots of air circulating. I glance around the small ga