Axel Merckx Grand Fondo 2018

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

Prospera Gran Fondo

Living in the Okanagan I had heard of this event as a ‘must do’ from several local riders. With Axel’s family background as well as personal pro world experience, it would definitely be a world class event. (In case you missed that, Eddy Merckx, yeah the guy you're thinking of, this is his son.)

I had also heard about this from friends in Calgary who made this an annual trip. A reason to enjoy some local wine, ride some bikes & simply bask in all the great things the Okanagan Valley has to offer. A couple of beauties, Michael & Motoko joined me for this one sporting the Black & Whites of the club colours.

They were the 'vets' of this & new that if we were going to ride the long course, we'd have to do a little preparation. I like to call it 'European blood thinning' a.k.a. 'let's go wine tasting'. I swear there are some antioxidant properties that just make you ride better. The key, never to much. How much is that you might ask? Well, that's where the 'trial & error' game comes into effect.

We like to make sure we do at least one or two 'pre' rides. If you've never been to the valley, there is a plentiful amount of ways to reward yourself. Tickleberries is usually a destination ride. (You're going to have to show up to find out this one) If we meet in Naramata, then it's a few little hills, up the back side of Penticton & down along the quieter East side of Skaha Lake. If you've ever imagined riding in Italy & haven't been, this is one of the closest replacements to it.