Alpe de Grand Blanc 2018

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

A Classic Climb

A smaller event doesn't always equate to an easier one. This was the second time I'd ridden the Alpe de Grand Blanc put on by my buddy & SPVC rider, Trevor Hanna. He was keen & I needed to test something out, so we added a last minute 'Classics' category into the event. I wanted to get a few events & challenges in like this before the RBC Whistler Gran Fondo as it would also be the first year that the 'Classics' category would exist with them.

This ride happens in the Okanagan Valley, known for it's 140km long lake, plethora of winery options & amazing postcard views. The route for the Alpe de Grand Blanc starts in East Kelowna & follows Hwy 33 to the turnoff to the Big White Ski Hill. Making that turn means there's still a few turns with a little grade that you're going to have to work for.

This ride, like most others on the classics, usually mirrors a similar strategy. Stay with the fastest riders that you can until you get dropped & then look for that next wheel. Keep doing this usually until your 'book of matches' is spent.