Aklavik Icebreaker

Inaugural Aklavik Icebreaker - 120 km of biking along the ice road, inside the Arctic Circle

Living 200 km north of the Arctic Circle can make for some very interesting experiences. When I first moved here, I didn't bring my bike. My partner & I only planned to be here for a year and I really thought I could tough it out & leave the bike behind. Bad idea.

Our cold weather and snow sticks around for 8 months, which basically means riding outside is very difficult, if not impossible. But if there was some way to get out there & there was some way you could ride on top of the snow, the land would basically unfold before you. Lakes & rivers freeze, so you could point your bike in any direction and just go. Alas, the snow is sometimes a few meters deep in places & it's never hard enough to ride on, so you would end up pushing your bike the entire way.

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