Bicycles & the adventures that go with them have been around for a fairly long time. The simplicity of the initial machines has progressed over the years into those of modern technological status.  What has not changed however is the ground they cover, the adrenalin created & the stories that result from this. 

The style adorned by a cyclist was once that of model status. These 'citizens' represented something of idols for people to want to become. To overcome & conquer not only the mountains, terrain & the weather, as well as the mental anguish and fatigue that comes with competition amongst athletes. Mere mortals were transformed into statured gods, their accomplishments seeming larger than life. All through out this time, the clothes that adorned their figures were sought after as symbols of achievements & prestige. It's these revered ideologies which I work to restore today. 

Focusing on the detail of the garment, the materials used & the workmanship that goes into creating it are all vital to it's presentation, representation & final enjoyment. Riding your bicycle should be just a part of your day. You shouldn't have to sacrifice your style to do so. Be ready for where your next adventure takes you, sometimes it's not always as planned.